Meet the Team

With more than 60 years combined experience, the founding members of 360 Corporate Travel offer a wealth of travel expertise.  Our professional skills are a mixture of Information Technology, Accountancy, Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Customer Service and of course Corporate Travel. With all of these attributes, we believe we offer a full 360 experience. 

Meet the Team


My career began in the leisure travel industry in 1994. Five years later, my colleague James Turner and I founded a luxury tour operator in London. Building on the success of this venture, in 2004 we reached out to do the same in New York.

After developing these two businesses and living in NYC for five years, it was time to take on another challenge. In early 2008, I returned to London and to a new career in the City. However, that career was short lived as I very much missed the travel industry and in 2009, James and I decided to go into business again and launched 360 Private Travel, a luxury travel company, offering travel and concierge services to discerning clientele. I’ve been very lucky and travelled to so many amazing countries and seen some of the world’s most luxurious hotels. Travel really is a huge part of my life and I try to visit a new destination at least once a year to expand my knowledge, this year I am hoping to add Oman, Sri Lanka and Mykonos to my list.

With 360 Private Travel being a huge success. We have decided, in conjunction with a highly regarded business travel professional, Richard Waddington, to use our respective expertise in luxury travel, service, and corporate clients, to launch 360 Corporate Travel.


I have been in the travel industry for over 20 years and have worked with some of the biggest multi-national travel companies in the world – in both retail and corporate environments. I decided to launch 360 Corporate Travel with James and Kellie because we aspired to develop a business that offered a more personalised service – one that is unrivalled in today’s business travel market.

My passion for travel goes back to childhood when I was rather oddly obsessed with learning airline and airport codes, and later began spending my spare time combing through the papers (no internet then) to discover the best airline deals. My friends would often ask my advice for their holiday travel arrangements. I thought I knew it all – before I decided to make travel my career. Once I began working in the industry, I quickly realized I hardly knew a thing. Since then there have been very few days that I have not taken delight in my work, because I am discerning and zealous about delivering the best travel experience possible.

I have a thorough understanding of the travel industry and a loyal, long-term client base. This wealth of experience, combined with a proficiency in emerging technologies, enables me to facilitate seamless, cost-effective travel solutions for busy executives.

Our primary objective for 360 Corporate Travel is that we provide our clients with the best business travel management solutions available in today’s market. This includes seven-day- a-week access to enthusiastic and effective account mangers and highly competitive prices. We are committed to being responsive, informative, thorough, and efficient.


After graduating from Bristol University in 1988 and then qualifying with Price Waterhouse, London, in 1992, I got my first taste of the travel industry with Alaska Airlines at their head office in Seattle.

Working in senior management in the Finance and IT departments, I was at the heart of a rapidly expanding airline, carrying more than one million passengers a month. It was a great challenge, fun, and the inspiration for my career in the travel sector ever since.

I returned to London in 1997 to develop new business ventures, and in 1999, I started a luxury tour business with Kellie. Over the next decade we grew the business to a staff of over 40, with offices in London, Edinburgh and New York.

The varying roles of Finance & IT Director, and Managing Director, gave me invaluable insights into the luxury travel business. Following this experience and with our rare and compatible skill sets, it was an obvious choice to partner with Kellie again in 2009. The last eight years have been a roaring success, and now we are leveraging all our experience and expertise in dealing with corporate clients, to launch 360 Corporate Travel with our new business partner, Richard.